Shooting Clinics


How do I schedule a clinic?

You can schedule a clinic with TWS by reaching out to us either through this website or our email: All clinics must be scheduled at least 60 days in advance.

How long are clinics?

Clinics are designed to be to days, typically a Saturday and a Sunday. Each day will be approximately 8 hours with hours varying based on range availability and your schedule.

How many shooters do I need to host a clinic?

 It is best to have at least 6 shooters to host a clinic. Ideal number of participants is 8-12 shooters. More than 12 can be accommodated, but may not give the best results. 

What is the necessary range equipment for clinics?

 It is preferred that you have as many firing points as you have shooters. All shooters MUST bring a shooting journal to the clinic. Electronic targets are nice, but not a must. It is also preferred that all shooters have basic precision shooting equipment and firearms. No shooting supplies will be provided by your instructors. 

What all can we expect from the clinic?

 The majority of time will be spent with shooters on the line getting instruction from coaches. This will be in the form of one-on-one coaching, group shooting drills and record matches. There will also be ‘classroom’ portions where shooters will learn about different aspects of shooting including, nutrition, fitness, mental training and shooting fundamentals in a setting off the range. There is also the possibility of have TWS partner appearance from the guys at Team Turbo Rim-Fire actions.  

How much does a clinic cost?

 Pricing for clinics will vary based on location, number of participants, desired length and other factors. Estimates are provided upon request.