What's Important Now


Life's Most Powerful Question

W.I.N is a simple but powerful acronym that was formed by famous college football coach, Lou Holtz. W.I.N. stands for "What's Important Now?" Holtz would remind his players at Notre Dame to ask themselves this question thirty five times a day regardless of what they are doing.

It's Purpose

We use this principle to guide ourselves and our clients through making choices. The simple act of asking this question will briefly pause our lives while our mind imagines the impact of our choices we have and we visualize the most desirable ones. When we think of the most desirable choice, it is NOT the choice that will give us immediate gratification, rather it will have the greatest positive impact in our lives based on our foreseeable future. W.I.N. allows us to prioritize decisions, choices, and actions in our personal and professional lives. 

Why We Use It

Using the W.I.N. acronym helped TWS Coach, Lucas Kozeniesky, elevate his athletic performance to an All-American level. Asking himself this question multiple times a day helped him balance  his academics, his athletics, and personal commitments. He preaches this concept to all of the clients he services with the goal to help provide them with similar success.